Tungsten Carbide Dies and Specialized Tooling

Isis Dies, What we do

Isis Dies produced its first tungsten carbide dies more than fifty years ago. The division was purchased in a management buyout in1997 and became a completely independent manufacturing entity. Isis Dies (Pty) Ltd. is South Africa’s largest independent commercial manufacturer of tungsten carbide dies and specialised tooling for the metal working industry.

Isis Dies specialises in the manufacture of sintered tungsten carbide products and die management for wire and bar drawing plants, a concept which has rapidly gained approval from Southern African manufacturers due to Isis Dies’ commitment to service and quality.

Isis Dies Products

Isis Dies offer a standard range of products, as well as a great variety of custom made tungsten carbide products. Enquiries for custom made products should be accompanied by a technical drawing.

Condat Lubricants

Since 2002, Isis Dies (Pty) Ltd has proudly served as the South African agent for Condat lubricants, showcasing a steadfast commitment to excellence in the industrial sector. With a heritage dating back to 1854, Condat's Forming Lubricants Department, based in France, has ascended to the forefront of the European market, specializing in wire drawing, rolling, bar and tube drawing, and hot forming solutions.

Leveraging Condat's extensive expertise and cutting-edge formulations, Isis Dies delivers top-tier lubrication solutions tailored to the unique needs of South African industries, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in every application. Trust Isis Dies and Condat to elevate your operations with unparalleled lubrication excellence.

Isis Engineering

Isis Engineering, established in 2000, stands as a leading manufacturer of products crafted from a wide range of engineering materials. Specializing in short-run production, including one-off manufacture and fabrication, Isis Engineering (Pty) Ltd boasts a reputation for delivering bespoke solutions tailored to clients' exact specifications.

Moreover, as an accredited Level 2 BBBEE company, Isis Engineering demonstrates a commitment to empowerment and inclusivity, ensuring a diverse and equitable approach to its operations.